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Brainwave Optimization®

A non-invasive technology that reflects the brain’s activity back in real-time and in such a fashion that the brain is able to perceive its own sub-optimal patterns and self-correct toward greater balance and harmony.

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How does it work?

Brainwave Optimization® (BWO), originally known as HIRREM™ is made up of five factors:

High-resolution – To ensure that our computer has the clearest possible image of your brainwave patterns, we collect and analyze that data at the highest possible resolution.

Relational – Brainwave Optimization matches a dominant brainwave frequency to a particular musical tone. During a session, you listen to these musical tones which is your own brain activity in real-time.

Resonance-Based – A resonance loop is created from hearing the musical tones and the brain and its auditory reflection begin to harmonize with each other. This is where the change occurs and brain function is optimized.

Electroencephalic – EEG sensors placed on the scalp are designed to read the brainwaves across a broad spectrum of frequencies.

Mirroring - When you hear your own brain activity in real-time, the effect can be compared to a mirror. The brain now has a way of perceiving itself, its own activity, and its own function.

Why is this important?

Traumas–both physical and emotional–can knock right and left brain functions out of balance. Imbalanced brain function has been associated with a variety of ailments and disorders. When the brain returns to a state of balance and harmony the effects of the initial trauma are eased.

Brainwave Optimization® is important because the brain controls the entire body. Balance is essential and the key to overall well-being and performance. Once the brain is balanced, the body follows. Brainwave Optimization® is all about optimizing the brain, and hence optimizing all brain and bodily functions.

How does the client prepare?

To ensure you get the most out of your Brainwave Optimization experience, we offer the following tips:

Give yourself time and space - Make the most of this time by clearing away as many obligations as possible during the period in which you are having sessions.

Eat healthy and drink water - Even though you will be relaxed during your sessions, your body is using a great deal of energy to strengthen neuro-nets.

Avoid alcohol & recreational drugs – Any use of alcohol or recreational drugs will inhibit your ability to return your brainwaves to balance and harmony.

Get your head out of the way so your brain can do the work - Although we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, during your sessions it is time to relax and turn off your thoughts.

Tune in to yourself – Even subtle shifts in your brain function can manifest themselves in fascinating ways.


Sessions + Pricing


BWO Single Session
2 hour session 

BWO Assessment
1 hour session


BWO Intensive + Assessment
10 sessions

Pricing information is subject to change. Behavior changes may require multiple sessions of hypnosis in order to be effective. Pricing reflects single session pricing and multi-session pre-paid pricing.

There are discounts for pre-paying multiple sessions. For maximum effectiveness, expect at least three to four sessions per requested change. Each session is between one hour to one and a half hour long.


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