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A motorized multi-wave motion lounge that triggers the relaxation response with rhythmic motions.


How does it work?

The motions stimulate the brain’s neural networks, especially the inner ear. The relaxing movement amounts to a “neurobics” exercise for the brain.

During the profound state of relaxation facilitated by the Neurowave™, the client may find mental logjams breaking up as the client reconnects body and mind in a total integrative sensory experience, refreshing the mind and relaxing the body. All this is done in a passive, relaxing way, as simple as laying down in a lounge chair as relaxing music is piped in over headphones. In addition, many people have experienced improved sleep in as little as two weeks.

How is this used in Hypnosis?

The Symmetron Neurowave™ Integrative Motion System with binaural audio is used to induce a profound state of relaxation in clients. Resting in the device, which gently moves the client in a programmed, patented, gentle motion with tranquil music, can produce within minutes a relaxed and meditative brain wave state. BrainPilots are the first to offer this service in Central Oregon. The system is used to enhance hypnotherapy sessions, by gently taking the client into restful alpha brain wave state, conducive to hypnotic suggestions.

Can it be used without Hypnosis?

Yes, the Neurowave is also available as a standalone tool, to help clients achieve a transcendent state of relaxation to aid in mitigating stress and to offer deep relaxation for those that simply want to detox from a harried lifestyle.


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Pricing information is subject to change. Behavior changes may require multiple sessions of hypnosis in order to be effective. Pricing reflects single session pricing and multi-session pre-paid pricing.

There are discounts for pre-paying multiple sessions. For maximum effectiveness, expect at least three to four sessions per requested change. Each session is between one hour to one and a half hour long.

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